Since I currently work on the re-release of the Hongkong album, I am listening to DAT recordings of that time in order to find the original recordings used for Hongkong. I came across a long deep ambient session that I had already edited down into a shorter track that was incuded in the Cinemascope album in 2001.

Here comes the original session, from the moment where I decided to press record till the point when I thought it is enough. I do not remember so much of that session, but I am quite sure it was late at night, and there were some friends present and we were all a bit stoned...

Tech stuff: The water drop sample has been recorded in my bathtub in April 1993. It is played back and processed with an ASR-10 sampler, which also contributes most of the other sounds. Which were themselfes recordings of sounds created with a Juno-6 and a SY77. All mixed together on a small mixer and with lots of reverb from the ASR-10, from a PCM-80 and a Quadraverb. Sequenced with Logic 1.0 running on a Apple Macintosh IIcx, recorded straight to DAT.

[ ~ 34minutes, 48MByte ]

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Robert Henke