Current artist portraits as well as collections of older ones, for historic reasons and entertainment. High Resolution photos can be found in a link at the end of this page! Most photos on the individual project pages are now in 1920 x something pixels. Print resolution photos of projects upon request.

Robert Henke

Krakow, October 13, 2019

Robert Henke

Berlin, Summer 2016

Robert Henke

Madrid, January 2016

Robert Henke

Berlin, October 2013

Monolake 2005 Series

T++ and Robert Henke doing serious research in order to find out more about that strange orange fruit elevation.

Monolake 2003 Series

Robert Henke meets his friends at the Hard Wax record store and has a good time.

Monolake 2001 Series

Gerhard Behles, T++ and Robert Henke landed on a strange planet.

Monolake 1999 Series

Watch Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke in a rare attempt of seriousness.