For a laser graphics project several methods of random noise distributions in two dimensional spaces have been explored. Instead of using standard libraries providing the known Voronoi, Perlin etc. noise algorithms, I started to write own variants.
The images on this page are a byproduct of the development. I needed a pixel based visualisation to verify that the code works as intended. The final code will be a 'black box' accepting X and Y positions as input and a parameter set defining the topology and it will return a float value that can be used to control various aspects of laser drawings as a function of momentary beam position. The colorisation in the rendered images here is obtained by slight parameter variations for the R,G,B channels and is there for pure aesthetic reasons.

--- page in progress. If you are here because Peter Kirn wrote about it... there are more pictures on my Studio Robert Henke Instagram account. I definitely want to put also more info on this page, including code, but it looks like I will not find the time for it beore mid February. ---