The track for this month is another uncut studio recording. A shorter edit of it found its way on my Floating.Point album from 1997. The original recording is from Mai 1996, and it another classic 'Gerhard and Robert playing with their toys' result.

The toy which made this track possible was our Boss RSD-10 sampling delay, a small digital delay unit that made it possible to feed back its output to the input. Unlike in modern delays, the feedback was realized analog, so each repetition of the signal went thru the (cheap) analog digital converter, into the memory and back to the digital to analog converters. As a result, the delays get more and more deconstructed and noisier with each repetition. This effect can be clearly heard in the last 10 minutes of the take. The unit also allows to change the delay time by continuosly changing the sample rate, which also alters the pitch.

The two altering chords in the background sounds like being created with a Prophet VS. I must just have gotten it at that time, maybe even at exactly that day... The other sounds including the flickering and the alien-like backgrounds come from the SY 77, manipulated by Gerhard Behles, while I operated the Boss delay, the other effects, and the mixing desk.

When listening to it now, I remember that Gerhard and me already in 1996 came to the conclusion that the altering chords are a bit annoying after a while. But this was before multi-tracking or hard-disk recording and there was no chance to get them out of the mix later...

The track has a dropout after around 10 minutes. I did not bother to fix this.

[ ~ 30minutes, 22MByte ]

Enjoy the music