Imbalance Computer Music, founded 1997, is the successor of imbalance recordings, a label established by Basic Channel in 1993 with the release of Steady State Music by Wieland Samolak, followed by the Robert Henke album Piercing Music in 1994. After the release of Async Sense by Andy Mellwig of Porter Ricks the label silently faded away till it was revived as Imbalance Computer Music. This is not a 'real' label. It is more a construction which allows us to release our own works and music from close friends. We have no intention to release other artists on this label. Vinyl CDs, download are available via the Hardwax Record Store / mailorder in Berlin: [Monolake] [Robert Henke].


Robert Henke

Label founder, coder, computer musician and visual artist, based in Berlin


is not a man of many words.


Founded in 1995 as a duo by Gerhard Behles, now CEO of Ableton, and Robert Henke. Since 1999 Robert Henke solo with occasional contributions by audiovisual artist Tarik Barri (2009 - 2013), and composers T++ (2009 - 2011), and Electric Indigo (2016).

Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo is Susanne Kirchmayr from Vienna, Austria, founder of the female:pressure network and database, worked in the early 1990s at the legendary Hardwax Record store in Berlin, DJ since 1989. Releases on various labels.