This track is from June 2006. I found it on a backup drive whilst searching for something else. When I made it, I soon felt something is missing, it sounded old and nostalgic too me, a dead end, a film watched way too often. Now, I feel even more distant to it. My musical interest moved away from anything that could be labeled 'minimal techno', a genre that became mostly totally empty, uninspired and formalized.
However, I like the color of this track, this reminiscence to this certain sub-genre of Chain Reaction / post Basic Channel tracks. If I would have done it in 1995 - fantastic.

Enjoy it as nice background. I tested it for washing dishes, sorting invoices and watering flowers. It worked quite well.

And if you want to get an idea of my current vision of electronic club music come to a Monolake concert.

Monolake Decay
[ ~ 9minutes ]

Enjoy the music