I dedicate this free track of the month to one of the most amazing machines that has ever been built, the Large Hadron Collider LHC at the Organisation Europeenne pour la Recherche Nucleaire, CERN.

When I was at school I had a strong interest in physics, especially in nuclear physics and astrophysics. For quite some time I thought I might study physics and do research, until I had to realize that I am not nearly as smart as I would need to be in order to turn this into my profession. So I became a software developing, electronic music producing artist instead. However, I never lost interest in the topic. If you follow my work a bit you'll find all sorts of hints to my addiction in track titles, my info texts, photos and other statements.

The track here is a new, extended edit of the track Cern, released in September 2003, augmented with interview fragments taken from the CERN website, where researchers talk about the LHC on the occasion of the first successful test of the whole machine on September 10 2008.

For me, CERN not only stands for a place where thousands of the brightest people of this planet are working together to find out more about the most elemental questions of physics, but it also stands as a place where scientists from all over the world exchange knowledge, regardless of borders, regardless of race, regardless of sex.

A bit of a european utopian island in all the madness around us.

Wikipedia is a good source for more information about CERN. And here is a link to a video that explains the LHC pretty well.

[ ~ 7minutes ]

* with interview fragments featuring Mike Lamont, Verena Kain, Lucio Rossi, Laurette Ponce, Andrej Siemko and Lyn Evans.

Enjoy the music