Berlin, July 16th, 2007. My appologies, I forgot to update this page. Thanx to those who wrote emails to remind me! Now, summer in Berlin: Way too hot to get anything useful done. Temperature readout in my room: 36.4 degrees Celsius!!! However, a few days ago I wrote a small tool for auto extracting percussive sounds from an analog input source and for testing I played a few piano chords and some weird sounds on my SY77 synthesizer. And then I decided to put the resulting soundfiles into Ableton's Impulse instrument. Half an hour later this little piece of music was more or less done and somehow I really like it and this is why I decided to share it.
Research shows that some of you visitors of the Monolake homepage are also using that music software... for you, here is the set plus soundfiles. You need Ableton Live 6 or the Live 6 demo version to open it. Have fun.

Enjoy the music!