imbalance computer music | ML 015 | June 2005

CD album | bootleg

1Pipeline mp3 excerpt
2CCTV mp3 excerpt
3North mp3 excerpt
4Axis mp3 excerpt
5Digitalis mp3 excerpt
6Invisible mp3 excerpt
7Carbon mp3 excerpt
8Wasteland mp3 excerpt
9Plumbicon mp3 excerpt

"I stood at the gate, waiting." Timothy Fellsrow 1897

Constructed by Robert Henke and T++ at the Centre de la Recherche Numerique summer to winter 2004. Time and space created using a NED Synclavier II, PPG Wave 2.3 and Ableton Operator. Additional timbres squeezed out of an Oberheim Xpander, a Yamaha SY77 and a Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. Edited and sequenced in Ableton Live 4, Mastering with Weiss EQ and Finalizer. Cathedral from Lexicon. Speakers Genelec. Voice by Viki.

In December 2006 we got hold of a bootleg version [Image Gallery] of this CD, which is sold in Russia and in Lithuania. The CD is not just a CD-R but a pressed and professionally manufactured finished product, including printed artwork, redone after a scan of the original CD. The package is not an expenisve digipack but a cheap clear tray. They modified the artwork to fit in there. We assume those guys know what they are doing and we are not the only independent label affected by this. Interesting experience.

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