Deep Web

Audiovisual kinetic installation by Christopher Bauder & Robert Henke [2016]

Deep Web is a kinetic audiovisual installation consisting of a floating matrix of 175 illuminated spheres floating above the audience.


The spheres can change their vertical position, and are illuminated by 12 lasers. As a result a three dimensional moving sculpture of lines and dots emerges. The visual choreography is synced to a musical score played back in eight channel surround sound.

Deep Web has been commissioned by Fete des Lumieres in Lyon 2015. The event was cancelled after the islamic terror attacks in Paris in November 2015. It premiered at CTM Festival Berlin in February 2016 instead.

Performance version

The installation runs as a 30 minute long loop. An extended performance version of 60 minutes, controlled by the artists in real-time has also been created. The performance version contains parts not present in the installation loop.


Artistic Director: Christopher Bauder. Sound design and music: Robert Henke. Visual patterns and movements: Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke.

Touch Designer programing: Daniel Dalfovo. Kinetic light object: Christopher Bauder / WHITEvoid. Custom laser control software: Michael Sollinger. Lasers by LaserAnimation Sollinger.