Monolake Live Surround is the result of performing electronic dance music since 1995. It is also the result of using the software which was born out of this experience, Ableton Live.

The performance is a pairing of the legacy of early Berlin Techno, with an abundance of influences ranging from academic computer music to UK dubstep, from classical minimal music to drone and noise.

It is presented as a multiple channel surround sound experience, which Monolake is pioneering since its beginnings, and which did include versions for wave field synthesis, ambisonics and other state of the art audio formats.

Monolake Live Surround is a deliberately non-visual performance. It is not about watching something, it is also not about observing a performer on a stage, it is about getting lost and carried away by sound.

"If surround sound is to become more present in clubs (…) then Monolake's music hints at a style native to the medium, a strange new zone where the brainy and the bodily meet."
Angus Finlayson, Resident Advisor.

Wave Field Synthesis

AV with Tarik Barri


Monodeck II


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